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Our 2020 vision

Cure any cancer without harming the patient

Onco-Tools, LLC  is developing a new Morpholino-based custom cocktail system designed for curing any patient’s cancer without harming the patient.  Link [1] is to a video which describes how this broadly-applicable custom cocktail system works at the molecular level.

Because of the great variability between cancers, conventional wisdom in the cancer research field holds that a single broadly-applicable system for curing any cancer is probably impossible, and most believe that even if it might be possible, it would still require decades to develop and get to patients, and it would probably be extremely expensive.

In sharp contrast, we believe our custom cocktail system can be completed, safety tested, and ready for use as soon as 2020 [2], and that it will be much safer, more effective, and less expensive than current cancer treatments.  Accordingly, Onco-Tools, LLC  is fully focused on completing development and safety testing the key components of this new personalized cocktail system.

Importantly, a central component of our development program is to enable and encourage cooperation with cancer research groups worldwide.  This entails  Onco-Tools, LLC  making available to the cancer research community our new delivery-enhanced Onco-Morpholinos – the most versatile and highest-specificity tools for studying and treating a broad range of human cancers [3, 4 & 5].

Cancer researchers can now use these  advanced delivery-enhanced tools for more efficient and more rigorous study of their cancers of interest.  While cancer researchers will reap great benefits by moving up to these versatile high-specificity tools which are largely free of the off-target effects that plague other tool types, the laboratory results from those researchers will also provide key molecular targeting information needed for preparing the arsenal of Onco-Morpholinos to be used for assembling each custom cocktail specific for curing any given patient’s cancer.

We predict that by 2019 adequate information will be available for a master list of cancer-essential transcripts.  That list will be used to guide the preparation of an arsenal of Onco-Morpholinos sufficient for targeting any cancer.  By 2020 those Onco-Morpholinos should be safety tested and ready for assembling into any custom cocktail effective for curing any given patient’s cancer – without harming that patient [1 & 2].